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RISTER® is a fiduciary company located in Geneva specialized in the creation and administration of companies, advice on taxation, legal and wealth management for Swiss and international clients.

Fiduciary in Geneva, Lucerne and Zug: Creation and administration of companies, advice on taxation, legal and wealth management.

RISTER® is a Swiss corporate services provider in Geneva, specialising in the formation and administration of Swiss companies.

We advise our clients on the formation and administration of companies in Switzerland, holdings or trusts. At the same time, we propose additional services:

  • Formation of companies in Switzerland
  • Swiss company administration
  • Swiss company director or Swiss LLC manager
  • Domiciliation of companies in Geneva, Lucerne and Zug

The company RISTER® is composed of professionals in several key business fields, notably concerning Swiss company formation and administration. Its specialised staff provide precise, top quality advice in matters of company finance, accounting and taxation, and the administration of companies in Switzerland.

Indeed, RISTER® benefits from the experience of its staff, experts in company formation and administration, which allows it to pinpoint and anticipate clients’ needs, in order to provide an appropriate, efficient solution.

In fact, the business model is based on optimisation of each administrative stage and rigorous file management. Our organisation allows us to provide a professional service offering excellent value for money.

Our corporate services company in Geneva is extremely well versed in the management of all types of situations. We work in all fields of business activity and deal with simple and complex situations.

Our field of competence covers all Swiss company administration, at cantonal, federal and international level. Indeed, it is essential to have the necessary background knowledge and experience to be able to manage a firm with an international dimension and provide tailored advice on situations that are often complex and unique.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients in order to provide concrete, pertinent solutions.

Your expert: Andrés Taracido

His aptitude for business, corporate and organisational matters led him to begin his career in a sales and consultancy role for complex financial services related to raw materials, and in the shares, bonds and currency field. He was appointed as a director of the company employing him, which led him to establish his own financial company 2 years later.

Your expert: Andrés Taracido

Our services for companies

General administration

We manage all administrative formalities to ensure that your business activity can develop in the respect of Swiss laws and practices. We offer a comprehensive range of administrative services in Geneva, Lucerne and Zug.

Domiciliation of companies

Our Swiss corporate services company proposes domiciliation of your business in Geneva, Lucerne and Zug. Domiciliation is a solution that can be simply and quickly implemented. It is above all a particularly flexible solution that is rapidly operational.

Nominee director

All Swiss companies must be represented by at least one person who is a Swiss resident (article 718 Swiss Code of Obligations). Consequently, at least one member of the board of directors or a manager must meet this requirement.

Tax representative in Switzerland

Since 1 January 2018, all businesses based in Europe and internationally, with no stable establishment in Switzerland and generating turnover in Switzerland and worldwide of at least CHF 100 000 must pay VAT in Switzerland. If such is the case, Swiss law requires you to be represented for tax purposes in Switzerland.

Cloud fiduciary application

Our digitalised corporate services 2.0 allow you to securely transmit your electronic documents to us.

Formation of a limited liability company (SA or Sàrl) or under sole proprietorship in Switzerland

Which legal Swiss entity do you choose and what are the criteria? Each Swiss company has its specific advantages and particular disadvantages.

Our services for individuals

Financial consulting

The implementation of an effective wealth planning strategy protects you against the threat of a decrease or even the disappearance of your assets.

Tax advice

Asset planning, investment advice, sound professional pension planning and efficient estate planning should be prepared with good tax planning.

Estate planning advising

It is often necessary to plan the distribution of one’s inheritance during one’s lifetime otherwise legal provisions will apply such as matrimonial law and inheritance sharing rules.

Professional Affiliations

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