Tax representative for VAT in Switzerland

Tax Representative For VAT in Switzerland

Since 1 January 2018, all businesses based in Europe and internationally, with no stable establishment in Switzerland and generating turnover in Switzerland and worldwide of at least CHF 100 000 (approximately EUR 85 000), must pay VAT in Switzerland. If such is the case, Swiss law requires you to be represented for tax purposes in Switzerland.

RISTER® tax representative in Switzerland

As a Swiss corporate services company we can represent you for tax purposes for your VAT returns in Switzerland. The tax representative is responsible, in respect to the tax authorities, for all tax returns and requests for information relating to VAT to ensure that a business is in compliance with its tax return obligations.

As a tax representative, we manage for your business all processing of correspondence, communications and requests for information from the Swiss tax authorities and customs. Your tax representative is the reference person for Switzerland and makes available work areas for any VAT inspection by the tax authorities relating to your tax return obligations.

Services of a local manager and Nominee Director in Switzerland

Our tax representative services for VAT in Switzerland.

  • Tax advice
  • Tax representation for VAT returns
  • Verifications of tax assessments
  • Recovery of VAT in Switzerland
  • Processing correspondence relating to VAT
  • Management of imports

Establishing a branch or subsidiary in Switzerland.

RISTER® assists international businesses in the process for establishing a branch or subsidiary in Switzerland.

We propose all the corporate services that you need for setting up a branch or subsidiary to allow you to continue your development in Switzerland and be definitively established here. 

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