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Tax advice to individuals and shareholders

Asset planning, investment advice, sound professional pension planning and efficient estate planning should be prepared with good tax planning. This does not mean filling out your tax return correctly. Tax optimization and quality tax advice are prepared well in advance, taking into account the specificities of everyone, your family and your wealth situation as a whole and an understanding of your life course and your projects future. Each new project can impact your overall tax situation and a detailed analysis of the evolution of your financial situation makes it possible to anticipate the tax burden and to remedy it accordingly.

Taxation is a complex field and a thorough knowledge of the legal bases makes it possible to alleviate the tax impact of your company, to reduce the tax impact of your individual income or to minimize taxation during inheritances and donations in Switzerland and internationally.

Portfolio management and tax adequacy:

Efficient portfolio management takes into account all asset classes of assets available to the advisor combined with an analysis of the tax impact in the choice of investments. Fiscal adequacy in the choice of asset allocation is a major criterion to avoid low performance or even losses of value. Post-tax performance is the only performance measure to use. An investor with a high marginal tax rate may end up with extra tax burdens to pay because of poor choices. Various investment strategies can then be put in place. Strategies focused on capital gains, interest or dividend distributions or a combination of both. The ideal solution then involves implementing tactical choices coupled with the tax characteristics of the chosen investment products. The tax adequacy of investment products in choosing the portfolio composition therefore minimizes the tax impact and maximizes the income from investments.

We assist you every step of the way in the management of your wealth by combining investment advice in line with your taxation and optimizing your marginal tax rate with occupational pension strategies and free pension strategies. Some life insurance offers many tax benefits and are also effective financial protection and estate planning products in the same way as private foundations and family foundations. Estate planning makes it possible for you to transfer your wealth in the most tax-effective manner to your heirs and according to your wishes.

Our services to individuals and shareholders:

  • Tax returns
  • Early tax recovery
  • Taxation of investment products
  • Real estate taxation
  • Cross border taxation
  • Withholding tax adjustment applications
  • Tax advice to individuals
  • Real estate tax advice
  • Investment strategies & tax adequacy
  • Tax advising to shareholders & entrepreneurs
  • Negotiations with tax authorities
  • Representation with tax authorities
  • Tax planning
  • Tax planning of LPP occupational benefits
  • Tax advising for estates and donations
  • Swiss domiciliation and residency
  • Early retirement
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