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The implementation of an effective wealth planning strategy protects you against the threat of a decrease or even the disappearance of your assets.

Financial consulting for individuals and shareholders

Life is full of foreseeable or unforeseeable events that may impact everyone’s economic situation. Many factors and threats may endanger your assets. Setting up an efficient asset planning strategy will protect you against the threats of a reduction in, or even disappearance of, your wealth. These dangers that threaten your assets may result from risks associated with your professional business or from risks related to your entrepreneurial business, from risks related to separation or divorce cases, from conflicts with your heirs, from the freezing or escrowing of your wealth.

The Swiss pension system is deteriorating, future pensions will be reduced by the steady and planned decline in pension fund conversion rates. These uncertainties about future revenues can be prevented by strict financial planning. This requires a thorough analysis of your overall situation, your occupational pension plan and your free pension plan. This approach ensures that your future retirement and your financial future rest on sound bases. It can also show that it is important to fill the gaps in the pension plan as soon as possible.

All measures should be taken to protect your family in case of death or work incapacity and to ensure financial freedom when you decide to end your entrepreneurial activity or early retirement. Several solutions are available for you to supplement your individual and professional benefits and so you avoid pension plan gaps while saving more and reducing your tax burden.

Advise is given to individuals and entrepreneurs on the choice and setting up of a professional and individual pension strategy. We assist you in choosing the best individual investment strategies and we advise you in the supplementary pension plans and in the mandatory occupational pension plans. For example, 1 e pension plans allow you to decide investment strategies according to your individual risk profile. These occupational benefit plans offer individuals and entrepreneurs great flexibility and freedom in the choice of investments of their pension fund.

As soon as your financial situation and your occupational benefit plan no longer show gaps, we support you in a comprehensive financial approach that consists of investment advice, personalized tax advice taking into account your pension plan, advice including your wealth and your risk aversion. Our financial advisory service relies a long experience, a superior professional training in finance, as well as environmental, social and corporate governance criteria. Wealth management has a tradition that goes back more than two centuries in Switzerland. RISTER as a Swiss fiduciary and our banking partners can rely on high skills and expertise in the areas of Swiss wealth management and cross-border wealth management and private banking services.

In addition, our wealth planning advice allows you to structure your wealth to protect it, preserve it for future generations as a complement to tax planning and estate planning.

Entrepreneurs who are the shareholders and employees of their own company will pay particular attention to choosing the best possible ratio between their annual salary and the dividends distributed by their company. An optimal choice of this ratio allows significant tax savings, a substantial increase in one’s savings capacity and avoids a requalification of some of the salary dividends submitted to the AVS.

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RISTER complies with the Swiss law against money laundering and applies legal requirements at all times. RISTER is a member of a self-regulating Trustee Organization (SRO- Fiduciaire Suisse) recognized by FINMA (Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority). Our procedures for compliance and conformity with national and international standards meet the highest requirements of the trustee and financial broker trade. RISTER is audited annually on AML matters (Money Laundering Act).

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