Local Manager and Director in Switzerland

Nominee director in Switzerland, Swiss director or local manager

All Swiss companies must be represented by at least one person who is a Swiss resident (article 718 Swiss Code of Obligations). Consequently, at least one member of the board of directors or a manager must meet this requirement.

This criterion may pose a problem for foreign entrepreneurs. For this reason, our firm works with trusted, experienced people who meet the legal criteria for assuming the role of a nominee director, a Swiss director or a Swiss manager.

The local manager/director is in charge of the administrative aspect of the running of the business and is not involved in its operational activity.

The nominee director of a Swiss company, the Swiss director or the manager of a Swiss LLC deals with all stages in setting up your company in Switzerland.  We accomplish the administrative formalities involved in setting up your company. When your company has been set up, we can deal with its administration by managing contacts with the many local bodies.

Your nominee director in Switzerland or Swiss director

Mr. Andrés Taracido is a specialist in the administrative management of Swiss companies, trusts and international companies. He holds, notably, the following diplomas:

  • Diplôme fédéral suisse d’Expert en Finance et Investissement (Swiss certified expert in finance and investments)
  • AIWM Diploma, Certified International Wealth Manager (CIWM)
  • STEP Diploma, Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP)

He is also a member of professional associations:

  • IFA International Fiscal Association
  • STEP Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners
  • SFAA Swiss Financial Analysts Association
  • AIWM Association of International Wealth Management

His experience is based on numerous mandates of director and manager for clients, with representation in relation to commercial and financial activities or holdings in Switzerland and elsewhere. 

Communication is in French, English or Spanish

Professional Services

The director of a Swiss company or the manager of a Swiss LLC offers advice and services in the following cases:

  • Formation of your company in Switzerland
  • Administrative management
  • Negotiation of tax allowances with the tax authorities
  • Representation before banks when opening bank accounts
  • Advice on corporate insurance
  • Defence of your interests before the authorities
  • Administrative management of your company in Switzerland.

Services of a local manager and Nominee Director in Switzerland

Formation of companies in Switzerland.

When creating a company in Switzerland, a precise, regulated procedure must be followed. Consequently, it is essential for experts such as a Swiss company director or a Swiss LLC  manager to accomplish and advise on this stage.  To this end, we work with reliable partners. We advise on decisions, such as legal form (Limited company or LLC), capital and even registered office in order to propose the legal structure best suited to your activity.

Opening of bank accounts in Switzerland

The company will need the use of a bank account. Switzerland is renowned for its top quality banking system, which is concretely expressed by quality services, great discretion and access to high-performance financial products in several currencies.

We propose several banks, depending on your entrepreneurial strategy. When the bank has been chosen, the Swiss company director or the Swiss LLC manager will open the bank accounts in line with your wishes.

Representation before the authorities

Once founded, the company will interact on many occasions with Swiss bodies. A Swiss company director or a Swiss LLC manager offers you the benefit of his/her experience in the administration of your company and its representation before the Swiss authorities, ensuring sound, efficient management.

Company winding-up

We can wind up your Swiss company for you. This involves following a regulated procedure and it is essential for all details of this to be known. When assets have been liquidated, we deal with all the administrative formalities of deregistering with various bodies with which your company was registered. 

Concretely, you save time by outsourcing these formalities to our fiduciary in Geneva to ensure that this stage is completed in a proper, efficient manner.

Representation before customers’ partners

Any company naturally has contacts with its customers and suppliers. Communication and interactions must be controlled to maintain stable, reactive functioning and a quality image essential for any company. The Swiss company director or Swiss LLC manager thus proposes the representation of your company before local partners, the rules of which are previously jointly defined.

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