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Estate planning advising

It is often necessary to plan the distribution of one’s inheritance during one’s lifetime otherwise legal provisions will apply such as matrimonial law and inheritance sharing rules. The first step in estate planning is to write a will or an estate agreement to plan your inheritance that gives you many benefits such as passing on your wealth according to your will. Estate law and matrimonial law leave you a lot of manoeuvring room on the matter in planning your estate to ensure the well-being of your spouse, family and loved ones.

The purpose of estate planning is to allow you to transfer your wealth to the next generation according to your wishes and in the most tax-effective possible manner. Good estate planning allows you to manage the uncertainties associated with the sharing of your wealth among your heirs, abuse from your heirs to avoid the squandering of hard-earned money throughout a lifetime. Good estate planning is therefore of vital importance for all families who wish to transfer their wealth to their heirs according to their wishes and in the most efficient manner.

Family foundations or private foundations are very effective structures for estate planning and can be used in addition to a will. Private foundations can hold all types of assets and protect them against external attacks. You choose freely the circle of beneficiaries of the foundation and the rules and frequency of asset distributions. This way you can protect your assets and preserve them t for generations.

Some types of life insurance are also effective solutions for asset protection and estate planning. Private management life insurance is an effective asset protection product and offers many tax benefits. By transferring your assets to a privately managed life insurance company you will achieve significant tax benefits and protection of your wealth from third-party attacks. In this type of life insurance, the death benefit is minimal in order to reduce the expenses to a minimum amount as opposed to universal life insurance where the death benefit is very important.

Occupational pensions should also to be taken into account in a strategy of wealth planning and estate planning. As with inheritances, the circle and order of beneficiaries is also defined by law. It is therefore necessary to take this into account during an estate planning and to supplement it if necessary, with free personal insurance where you can choose the circle of beneficiaries.

In addition, individuals and entrepreneurs would be well advised to write an agency in the event of incapacity to protect their families and businesses in the event of loss of judgment. In case of accident or illness and loss of judgment, you may appoint one or more persons to protect your interests in the areas of personal assistance, wealth management and other legal relationships with third parties.

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